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What do end-of-lease cleaning services involve?

What do end-of-lease cleaning services involve?

Many of us prefer to go with professional end-of-lease cleaning services when leaving rented accommodation. These offer professional end-of-lease cleaning with several other associated benefits. but are you confused about what is included and what is not included in the services? Let us explain the top offerings of the professional end-of-lease cleaning provider.

Popular services included in end-of-lease cleaning

  • Entrance and corridor cleaning

Firstly, it is important to pay attention to the entrance and corridor cleaning. It is the first part which comes to the notice of the concerned authorities. All you need to do is start with the dusting, wiping, and mopping of all the entrance and corridor areas.

  • Bathroom and laundry cleaning

All the bathrooms and laundry should be properly cleaned before leaving the property. It includes floors, windows, doors, and walls cleaning. All the mirrors and areas behind the washing machine and faucets should be properly cleaned.

It extends to removing soap residue from the laundry tub, side walls, and glasses. It further covers cleaning the exhaust fan, showers, bathtubs, and toilet seats.

  • Carpet Cleaning

Your place may include different carpets at different locations. So, it is necessary to steam clean, rug washing, and remove the stains from the different carpets of your place.

  • Kitchen cleaning

To make your rented accommodation account welcoming it is necessary to clean the inside and out of the kitchen. The top kitchen cleaning activities include floor cleaning, and big appliances cleaning like refrigerator, microwave, and dishwasher. 

It covers exhaust fan filter cleaning, oven cleaning, glass cleaning, cleaning of the flashback area, and removal of other persistent stains. Kitchen cleaning extends to cleaning the drain holes, sanitizing the tank, and thorough cleaning of drawers, shelves, and cupboards.

  • Living room and dining room cleaning

Moving ahead, the end-of-lease cleaning covers dedicated living room and dining room cleaning. It includes mopping the living and dining areas, vacuuming, wiping doors, and wiping different surfaces and skirting boards.

  • Curtains and upholstery cleaning

The best end-of-lease cleaning services perform curtains, carpets, and mattresses steam cleaning. it helps in bringing shine to the curtains and other available upholstery in your rented accommodation. So, it looks new.

  • Bedroom cleaning

It includes proper cleaning of the surface and floor of the bedroom. All the doors are scrubbed and door knobs are cleaned to the shine. It covers window sill cleaning, skirting board cleaning, and complete cobwebs removal.

  • Other general cleaning activities

These cover the cleaning of the walls of cobwebs and insects, ceiling fan cleaning, filter cleaning, exhaust fan cleaning, and air conditioner cleaning. The cleaning of walls, light switches, windows, inside of cupboards and drawers, and spot-by-spot cleaning is included in the activity. 

Further, it can cover skirting board cleaning, grease removal from sliding doors, and removal of stains from doors. 

To wrap up

Hence, it is easy to understand the top offerings of professional end-of-lease cleaning services. These include entrance and corridor cleaning, bathroom, and laundry room cleaning, carpet cleaning, and kitchen cleaning. The other offerings are general cleaning activities, living room cleaning, dining room cleaning, and bedroom cleaning.
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