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What types of services include end-of-lease cleaning services?

types of services include end-of-lease cleaning

Are you planning to shift from a rented accommodation in Melbourne? The end-of-lease house cleaning is a mandatory step to get your bond money back. So, what do you know about the end-of-lease cleaning services in Melbourne?

Let us help you with a quick guide on end-of-lease cleaning followed by the different types of services offered by end-of-lease cleaning in Melbourne.

What is end-of-lease cleaning?

The end-of-lease cleaning services in Melbourne cover the end-to-end cleaning of the rented property. It is a mandatory part of the rental agreements which enables the tenants to get their bond amount back. It is a process of cleaning every possible sign of your presence in the rented property.

The end-of-lease cleaning ensures quick allotment of the vacating property to the next tenant. It protects the interests of the landlords and the tenants.

Services included in end-of-lease cleaning services in Melbourne

The end-of-lease house cleaning in Melbourne covers the following services primarily:

  • Entrance and corridors

All the entrances and corridors are properly cleaned and wiped. All surfaces, skirting boards, and other surfaces are properly cleaned.

  • Laundry, ensuite, and bathrooms

All the parts and equipment of the laundry, ensuite, and bathrooms are properly cleaned. It covers washing, sanitizing, disinfecting, mold removal, vacuuming, and mopping. The floors, windows, doorknobs, walls, doors, faucets, mirrors, drawers, cupboards, towel rails, and washbasins are cleaned.

All the soap residue from glasses and sidewalls should be properly eliminated. Further, it covers new looks to the toilet seats, bathtubs, showers, and exhaust fans.

  • Carpet Cleaning

It includes steam cleaning, rug cleaning, and stain removal of different carpets in the area. Hence, it gives a brand-new feeling to the old carpets.

  • Kitchen cleaning

The end-of-lease cleaning in Melbourne takes special care of the kitchens. It includes cleaning floors, refrigerators, dishwashers, microwaves, ovens, trays, glass, cupboards, and shelves. The splashback area, drain holes, and consistent stains are removed properly.

  • Living room and dining room

It covers the end-to-end cleaning of the living room and dining room. It covers cleaning hard floors, carpets, floors, inside cupboards, windows, walls, lights, and switches. All the grease from the sliding door tracks is removed along with other equipment like air conditioners, exhaust fans, filters, and ceiling fans.

  • Curtains and upholstery

Professional end-of-lease cleaning companies in Melbourne offer curtains, mattress, and carpet cleaning services.

  • Bedrooms

It covers the cleaning of the bedroom floor and surfaces. All the cobwebs are properly removed while the doors are properly cleaned.

  • Other places

Professional end-of-lease cleaning services in Melbourne may offer the cleaning of additional rooms and places. These include outside areas, balconies, storages, and garages. 

Concluding Thoughts

Hence, it is easy to understand the different services offered by end-of-lease house cleaning in Melbourne. It covers the cleaning of the entrance, corridors, laundry, ensuite, bathroom, kitchen, and carpet. These services offer end-to-end cleaning of the living room, dining room, curtains, upholstery, and bedrooms. Contact us for more cleaning services details.

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