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5 Easy Hacks to Clean Your Oven in Less Time

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Getting a clean oven all the time is difficult for you, and it is sometimes a hard job just cleaning by scraping and wiping with so much effort. But with a professional oven cleaner in Melbourne, you can make your life easier and even enjoy your cooking moments with an always clean view of your oven. 

For good hygiene and the safety of what you eat, it is very important to care about the condition and cleanliness of your oven. And periodic and thorough cleaning is a must to keep your oven long and grease-free. So here are some professional and easy hacks to clean your oven in less time. 

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Clean The Oven Using Baking Soda, Vinegar and Water

The first technique is to use baking soda, water and vinegar, and make a special natural solution with it. So follow the steps below. 

Take half a cup of baking soda and mix it with water to create a white paste, and spread it all over the inside of the oven. Also, make sure to avoid hot irons. Leave the mixture to work overnight or for at least two hours.

Then make a spray bottle with a solution of half white vinegar and water and mix well. And try spraying this on the baking soda white dough. 

Then after that, foams will appear which will remove the food stains from the oven. 

Finally, after 30 minutes of rest, use a spatula or something similar to remove the white baking soda tabs, and wipe with a cloth afterwards to clean up well. And that’s it. 

1. Using Salt in Case of Leaks

When cooking food, there may be leaks somewhere on the surface of the oven. To make cleaning easier, open the oven and sprinkle a little salt on the surface where the leak is. As soon as the oven is cold, it will be easy to clean the stains. 

2. Use The steam from The Vinegar To Clean

This technique consists of using the steam from the vinegar to clean the oven.

 It starts by boiling a third of the water in a pot and adding an equal third of white vinegar after 30 seconds, place the pot in the oven and close it. 

Leave to react for about 45 to 60 minutes. Once the reaction is over you will see that the stains come off easily when you rub it.

3. Use Water and Lemon

You know that using also water and lemon can clean the oven. 

Heat water in the pot, and pour lemon water inside. Then put the lemon and water pan in the oven and let it boil. 

The steam will remove the grease and dirt more easily. Let the oven cool down and then you can wipe it with a wet cloth to finish.

4. Using a Toothbrush with Cleaning Solutions

The interior of the oven can only be reached with a toothbrush in some very difficult places, and it is still a very useful tool for cleaning

Just dip the toothbrush in a cleaning solution and wipe the inside of the oven,

You’ll find that it’s easy to clean the difficult areas. We help you in oven cleaning. The oven is thoroughly cleaned by our staff using top-notch cleaning methods and tools.

These are easy hacks from professionals that you can do from your home to keep your oven clean. With KK Cleaners, your professional oven cleaning Melbourne near you, you can contact us for very deep cleaning and always keep your hygiene constant on your oven periodically, so don’t hesitate now to Contact us to know more.

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