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How long does an end-of-lease cleaning service take?

How long does an end-of-lease cleaning service take?

Several regional laws make it compulsory for the tenants to offer an end-of-lease cleaning before vacating the property. The best solution is to see the professional help of the end-of-lease cleaning services which have years of experience in the same domain. But are you worried about how much time these services will take? Let us try to solve this confusion.

How much time do end-of-lease cleaning services take?

Firstly, It is important to understand that the end-of-lease clinic includes dedicated cleaning of the property. It includes journal cleaning, kitchen cleaning, bathroom cleaning, room cleaning, laundry cleaning, and outdoor cleaning. Further, the tenants need to complete the necessary cleaning as mentioned in the contract.

Before jumping to the exact time required by the end of lease cleaning services it is important to understand the factors affecting it. Some of the common factors responsible for the total time taken by professional end-of-lease cleaning services include:

  • Condition of the property

It is easy to understand that any property which is in bad condition requires dedicated cleaning. The professional end-of-lease cleaning company takes care of the cleaning part in the best possible manner. Further, if the property is on rent for a long time then it is prone to several cleaning problems.

Hence, before confirming an exact time for the complete cleaning of any property, it is necessary to go through the current condition of the property.

  • Size of the property

The second most important point determining the total time taken by professional end-of-lease cleaning services is the size of the property. A small room set will be cleaned quickly when compared to 3 BHK or 4 BHK or 5 BHK locations.

The presence of additional features like swimming pools, garden area, and playing area to the total time taken by the services. So, it is important to define the size of the property to check the total time taken by the end-of-lease cleaning agency.

  • Other factors

Some miscellaneous factors may also affect the total time taken in the end-of-lease cleaning. These include the team size of the agency and their expertise in handling the properties. Further, you must book an available slot with the agencies to match your cleaning requirements on or before the due date.

Ideally, professional end-of-lease cleaning companies may take from a couple of hours to 5 to 6 hours in cleaning your property. However, this time depends on the different factors mentioned above. While there is no fixed time for the completion of the cleaning work, it is easy to confirm the same from the agency.

Concluding thoughts

Hence, the end-of-lease cleaning services can complete the dedicated work in a few hours. This might take a couple of days if any tenant wants to complete the end-of-lease cleaning on their own. Further, the exact amount required by the services depends upon the size of the property and its condition only.

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